Glitter Body Art (Glitter Tattoos)

Glitter tattoos Columbus GA.
Glitter Body Art Tattoos are popular for all ages and an excellent alternative to face painting.
Our tattoos are non toxic, skin safe, and are waterproof. 

Glitter tattoos are the best choice with mixed ages events, weddings, and parties or events with pre-teens through adults are present. 

Glitter body art will often be chosen when clients want something fun like face painting but don't want their guest face covered in party pictures or having paint around clothing like prom dresses and gowns.

Add some sparkle to your event with Glittertainment tattoos. These waterproof tattoos will last up to 7 days. and are just as much fun for adults as they are for kids!

Birthday Parties
Whether you have  10 or 50 kids at your party , Our amazing glitter tattoos are guaranteed to be a hit with the kids (and adults too!) We have many designs in our collection to suit any party theme.

Proms, Graduation Party and Youth Groups 
Finding things teens will love can be challenging. Teen love our glitter body art 
and we do all kinds of teen events like birthday Parties, graduation parties, sweet sixteen parties and youth group events.

Pool Parties
One of the the best things about our glitter tattoos are that they are waterproof.  
We can put our glitter tattoos on your guests  and they can jump right into the pool right away.
Our glitter tattoos also look great glistening under the sun.

Fairs, Festivals and Schools
We add instant fun and entertainment to any fair and festivals with our super glitter tattoos. Our glitter artist booths always draw a consistent crowd because people of all ages love glitter body art!

Awareness Campaigns & Fundraising Programs
Ordinary fundraisers just wont cut it anymore because you need something fun and exciting. You need our glitter tattoos they give you high returns and lots of fun.

Corporate Events and Promotions
Are you planning an event for 100, 1,000 and up? We can like help entertain your guests with our fun glitter tattoos. 

1 Hour or More


Glitter Body Art Artist
Design Stencils and All Service Supplies for the Art

One artist can reach up to 25 guests per 1 hour for one - two color designs; allow extra time for more elaborate multi color designs


Birthday Party Prices
 ̶$̶8̶0̶  $60 / 1 hour for 1 artist *With a Bounce House Rental*
 ̶$̶1̶0̶0̶ $75/ 1 hour for 1 artist
$30 each additional half hour for the first artist

Large Event Prices
This includes corporate events, company picnics, company play days, trade shows, sponsored events, conventions, and more. This is an option if you are having a large event, where you are unsure of the number of guests, but would like to offer an unlimited number of tattoos. For events with large crowds, we usually limit the color choices to one or two colors per tattoo. This allows us to glitter more people per hour. One glitter artist can do approximately 25 tattoos per hour.

One Glitter Artist is  ̶$̶1̶0̶0̶  $80 an hour.
Two Glitter Artist is  ̶$̶1̶8̶0̶  $150 an hour.
Three Glitter Artist is  ̶$̶2̶5̶0̶ $220 an hour.

Non-Profit Event Prices
This option would apply to anyone with a 501 (c)(3) status and would be appropriate for school or
church carnivals, picnics, walks/runs, etc. One glitter artist can do approximately 25 tattoos per hour.

One Glitter Artist is $̶1̶0̶0̶ $70 an hour.
Two Glitter Artist is ̶$̶1̶8̶0̶  $130 an hour.
Three Glitter Artist is  ̶$̶2̶40̶ $200 an hour.

Fundraising Events/Benefits
If you would like us to appear at your fundraising event, we would be willing to waive our hourly rate. We would then charge $5 for our tattoos and donate 40% of the profits to your organization. The travel fee, if applicable, would be deducted from the tattoo sales.

Event Set-up
Our Glitter Artist generally arrive 15-30 minutes early at no extra charge to set-up.
Artists MUST BE PROVIDED SHELTER and a TABLE with 2 CHAIRS for events.

Travel Fees
Travel fees apply to all events booked, including birthday parties and nonprofit events. 

Delivery charge will be based on distance from 31904 zip code.
0-20 MilesFREE* 
21-30 Miles $10* 
31-40 Miles $20* 

*Payment must be made before we set up anything!Rates are subject to change or stop due to the rising costs of fuel and appointment availability. Please call us to get the exact amount based on the distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a glitter tattoo last?
Unlike face-painting, which only tends to last for a day, a glitter tattoo will last anywhere from 3-7 days.

How long does it take to apply a tattoo?
It only takes us a few minutes to apply the tattoo, but we will make sure we take our time so that it comes out perfect

Are glitter tattoos safe?
Yes!!! All products used are FDA approved and hypoallergenic. The glue used to apply the tattoos is a gentle, non-toxic, latex-free cosmetic glue made specifically for use on skin.

Will the tattoo come off if I swim or when I take a shower?
You can still swim and shower normally with a glitter tattoo. In fact we have done many tattoos poolside, and the recipients were able to jump in the pool as soon as we were done applying the tattoo. 

How Do I Remove Them?
We recommend using any major oil based waterproof makeup remover such as Neutrogena Wet Wipes to remove your wearable glitter body art or glitter tattoo.