Hot Dog Steamer and Bun Warmer Rental
Capacity: Holds approximately 170 hot dogs & 18 buns

Perfect for any Sports Event, School Fundraiser, Birthday Party, Pool Party, Picnic or Birthday Party.

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Hot Dog Steamer and Bun Warmer

1. Place the unit on a level surface. Pour approximately 9 quarts of water into the water pan. You can add an additional 2 quarts when not using the juice pan. Do not overfill.

2. Turn the switch to “ON” position and set the thermostat control on “HIGH” until steam is generated. Normal heat up time is 30 minutes. Using hot water will reduce heat up time.

3. After pre-heat, place hot dogs on the top or bottom hot dog shelf. Arrange the hot dogs so that there is free circulation of steam. A full load of refrigerated hot dogs will take approximately 45 minutes to reach serving temperature.

4. After the hot dogs are brought up to serving temperature, turn the knob to a 3 or 4 setting and add the buns to the wire rack in the bun compartment. One can control the steam in the bun compartment by opening the water fill compartment at the front of the bun compartment.

5. To hold the product, set the thermostat control at setting 3 or 4.

6. Keep the door closed when not serving.

7. Add water as it becomes necessary to maintain the water level. (Add hot water for best results.)
This model is equipped with a low water level indicator. When the light comes on, add water.
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